The Power Of Data With Actionable Intelligence On The Edge


Actionable Device Data

Computed on the edge


Advanced Reports

Meaningful information

From Device Advanced Data to Structured Reports




Develop APPs without the need of a server

API calls are directly handled through Pegasus gateway providing an easy way to interact with the SYRUS devices, connected sensors and accessories without listener servers or DBs.

Efficient data abstraction

Pegasus APIs provide the most efficient way to recall more than 250 parameters from SYRUS intelligent engine thus simplifying the complexity of hardware protocol communication.

Fast performance

DCT API architecture is fully oriented on low latency,  robust and fast performance to manage thousands of API request and response as needed.

Speedup your APP development

APIs can be used to create specialized Apps to quickly deploy to the market. Integrators can dedicate their resources to integrate advance functionalities without the complexity of hardware interaction and communication protocols.

Secure Access

Authorized login is always required in order to authenticate with the API trough security token. This token is exclusively used in a sequence of request to the servers by means of API calls.

No hardware or communication protocols complexity

Available Specialized Configurations are already designed providing Advanced Functionalities and data which is fully exposed through APIs.

Be part of fast growing Development Community

Publish your Apps on SYRUSMART, DCT specialized IoT/M2M Marketplace and development community dedicated to expand SYRUS functionalities to infinite possibilities. SYRUSMart extend the power of SYRUS to expand busines portfolios, connecting Hardware integrators with Developers.

Extend interaction to 3rd party softwares & web services

Pegasus APIs allow integrators to expose and share data for fleet productivity with external third party services and APIs such as Twilio®, IFTTT®, Salesforce®, Google® and others.

Edge Computing & Multi-Sensor Integration

A Straight API Call

Embedded Intelligence

  • Advanced raw data parameters
  • Embedded signals
  • Editable time/distance counters
  • Multiple speed limits
  • Compatible accessories and sensors
  • User defined thresholds
  • Polygonal & circular geofences
  • Actionable trigger events
  • Remote interacting functions
  • User defined reports
  • Specialized configurations

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